19th Street Red Bio

Randy “19th Street Red” Cohen has established himself as an authentic link to legendary bluesmen T-Bone Walker, Howlin’ Wolf and John Lee Hooker. For decades, Red has been bringing his own distinctive sound to blues venues, festivals, and concert halls around the world.

19th Street Red made his debut as a bandleader at Alva’s Lounge in Washington, D.C. in the mid ‘80s. After moving to Oakland, California, he often performed with local blues heroes Fillmore Slim, Alabama Mike, and Little Frankie Lee.

Throughout the late ‘90s, Red could most often be found performing in the San Francisco Bay Area with the Chicago Brother and Sister Blues Band.

Traveling the United States, presenting his “one man band”, Red has earned a reputation as a hard-core street singer.

Frequently performing in Bentonia, Mississippi, 19th Street Red has been featured at both The Blue Front Café and the Bentonia Blues Festival.

19th Street Red occasionally performs as backup for well-known blues impresario, Jimmy “Duck” Holmes. “Red is the only one that can play my music with me”.

 “Avenue Boogie”, Red’s latest release, was a labor of love. Passionate and raw, recorded live in his New Orleans studio, the searing emotion and rhythms of Mississippi and New Orleans Blues resonate from every track.

19th St Red lives in Clarksdale, Mississippi, the center of American blues music.